Monthly Archives January 2019

Do you want to volunteer?

We’re currently offering numerous volunteering opportunities at ELITE Paper Solutions, and would love to hear from anyone interested in joining our team! Participants will be encouraged to take part in the many volunteering opportunities available at ELITE, which will aim to improve their confidence within the workplace & also build employment skills. Through the ‘New Opportunities Project’ you could access valuable work experience in the following areas; Warehouse – Sorting, shredding, bailing paper.Office – Answering the phone, data inputting, scheduling collections.Scanning – Preparing files, operating scanner, quality checks.Cleaning – General office cleaning, sweeping, hoovering floors. As a volunteer, the participants
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Meet Karen, our document sorter!

As we love good news stories here at ELITE, we thought it would be a good idea to share with the world some of the journey’s our staff have made with us. Every month, we’ll upload a new story about one of our staff members to our latest news page. We will also share the stories on our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Our first journey will be with Karen Evans, our document sorter. Karen has been with ELITE for nearly two years and absolutely loves the job. When Karen first came to ELITE she was low on
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