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Join ELITE Paper Solutions for The Big Help Out!

From 3rd to 7th June, we invite you to lend a helping hand during Volunteers Week. We are a charitable organisation that is dedicated to helping the environment, and supporting disabled people and those facing disadvantages within the community to find employment opportunities. Your contributions will help us continue providing excellent services and promote sustainability in our community. Plus, if you're interested in making a lasting impact, volunteering with us isn't limited to just one week, it can be a long-term commitment. Whether you can volunteer for a week or wish to stay involved for the long haul, your support is invaluable

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We're dedicated to providing inclusive volunteer opportunities for disabled people and those facing disadvantages. At ELITE, we understand the importance of addressing diverse needs and circumstances. That's why our tailored one-to-one support goes beyond merely matching individuals with opportunities. We take into account the unique challenges and requirements of each person, providing personalised assistance every step of the way. Whether it's adapting tasks for accessibility, providing additional training and resources, or offering flexible scheduling options, we strive to ensure that everyone can fully participate and thrive. Join us in our mission to make volunteering and employment accessible to all, regardless of background or ability. Explore our current openings and discover how you can be a part of our diverse community at ELITE Paper Solutions.

Volunteering Opportunities

Recycling Supporters

At ELITE Paper Solutions, our Recycling Supporters play a vital role in our mission to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. As a Recycling Supporter, you'll be helping our team on the frontline of our operations, responsible for collecting, sorting, and processing recyclable materials efficiently. Your duties may involve operating machinery, sorting materials by type, and ensuring contaminants are removed to maintain the quality of our recycled products. Additionally, you'll be tasked with maintaining a clean and organised work environment, adhering to safety protocols, and contributing to our commitment to reducing waste and preserving natural resources. Join our team and make a tangible difference in promoting a greener, more sustainable future with ELITE Paper Solutions.

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