Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme Benefiting Local Community

ELITE Animal Bedding is a high-quality animal bedding made from recycled cardboard. Our mission is to create environmentally sustainable and affordable animal bedding, whilst promoting recycling and waste reduction.

In 2018, the Welsh government introduced the Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme (LDTCS) to provide funding to community projects that promote waste reduction, recycling, and other environmental initiatives. In this case study, we will explore how ELITE Animal Bedding leveraged the LDTCS funding to expand their business and promote sustainable animal bedding solutions in Wales.

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ELITE Animal Bedding has been in operation since 2020, producing high-quality animal bedding for animals such as horses, poultry, farm animals and more. LDTCS, is a funding scheme aimed at promoting environmental initiatives in Welsh communities. The scheme is funded by the Welsh landfill tax, which charges businesses and organizations that dispose of waste in landfills.

ELITE Animal Bedding's success in securing funding from the LDTCS demonstrates the importance of government support for environmental initiatives and sustainable business practices. The funding has allowed us to take action on continuing product development, whilst promoting a sustainable product and contributing to waste reduction and the local economy. The LDTCS serves as a model for other government funding schemes aimed at promoting environmental initiatives and sustainable business practices


The Welsh Pony Rescue trust are a rescue and rehoming charity based in South Wales, aimed at helping ponies in need.

During the early staged of operation, ELITE Paper Solutions reached out to the Welsh Pony Rescue Trust to offer a donation of animal bedding. The charity welcomed the donation, and the high-quality bedding provided by ELITE Animal Bedding proved to be very popular with the ponies in care.

ELITE Animal Bedding's donation to the Welsh Pony Rescue Trust, demonstrates the power of collaboration in promoting sustainable animal care practices in Wales and communities.

Would like to give ELITE Paper Solutions a massive thank you for donating shredded cardboard bedding to the rescue. Must say it's great stuff and goes a long way. Very absorbent and keeps clean and forms a good bed. Thank you so much for your kind support.
Ann Keating
Welsh Pony Rescue Trust

Video of a testimonial and rescued pony enjoying ELITE Animal Bedding!